Best Online Store Builder to Create an eCommerce Website

Do you want to build an eCommerce website and are you searching for the best online store builder in Nigeria? Without casting any doubts and with no hesitation you can choose MAOCULAR for creating your online store in order to enable inflow of profit and business expansion.

MAOCULAR is the best online store builder in Abuja Nigeria which is best suited for small businesses. And it will expand your online venture to the next level. You can build your online store to function efficiently with the help of MAOCULAR. To help you better understand the way MAOCULAR will aid you in constructing your eCommerce store, listed below are the unique features that will make you proceed further to choose our eCommerce platform.

Maocular eCommerce solution is gaining popularity among many online store owners and small businesses. It enables the selling of a range of produ


Essential Things to Consider While Developing a Mobile App for Your eCommerce

Nowadays, the mobile applications are preferred by many business leaders. The soul goal behind developing mobile apps for business is to maximize the reach with more user engagement. Whether you are a startup or an established business, having a mobile application can no doubt enhance your visibility and make you stand out of the competition. The most efficient way to run a business is to reach your target audience where they prefer to spend most of their time.

A mobile application for a business is not only a technological innovation. You must need business knowledge and skills to develop a highly engaging and user-friendly application. In this article, we are going to highlight several key points which every entrepreneur, developer, and the business owner should remember before developing a mobile app for any business.  These facts can assist in clearing the doubts o

8 Powerful Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of your eCommerce Store

Are you disturbed by a high bounce rate? Do you feel that your eCommerce store bounce rate is not on track? You have solutions over this. Before, converting your visitors or customers who visit your landing page bounce off at once because they could not have found any useful pieces of information. So you have to plan and analyze what is lacking in your site and work it again determinedly.

When you get an alarm of a high bounce rate on your landing pages then your site and content are in need of rebuilding. Make sure that your web site’s bounce rate should be lesser than the e-commerce’s average bounce rate of 40%. It is necessary to be familiar with the term and move the visitors to engage with pages.

Indeed, it will increase your conversion rate gradually. Then you get understood the conversion architecture. Eventually, your business will be shining in a prop

Bitcoin in Nigeria: How to Buy the World’s Top Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, is making waves in Nigeria. According to Ray Youssef, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Paxful, 41% of new users in 2018, hailed from Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. However, Nigerians who use Paxful to buy Bitcoin, often pay at least 20% more for Bitcoin than international users.

Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Without Paying Surcharges

Demand for Bitcoin is increasing in Nigeria. In response, a homegrown Bitcoin exchange is making buying Bitcoin easier and more affordable.

Called NairaEx and available at, Nigerians can buy Bitcoin at international market rates. NairaEx is also the world’s only Bitcoin exchange to allow Nigerians to pay using bank card, Visa QR or GTB 737.

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5 Programming Skills Every Business and Programmer Needs

Businesses need to learn these languages today, and employees can find great jobs by becoming fluent in them.

If you want to survive in this automated, globalized economy, you should understand programming, and there are no shortage of coding schools and websites where you can learn. But software development is a constantly changing field, and languages high in demand a decade or even five years ago can fall into irrelevance.

Fortunately, we know which languages are in the highest demand currently by looking at job websites and coding schools. Here are some languages which businesses need today and through which employees can get the job of the future by becoming fluent.

1. Python

If you are completely unfamiliar with programming, Python is probably the best language to start with. Python has

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I hope that the new year will be the best year of your life. May all your dreams come true & all your hopes be fulfilled! Years come and pass but what it takes to make them worthwhile is someone’s unconditional love, wonderful memories and zest offered to live them fully. You have given us all of theses and much more in 2018 and I know there will be more to come from you in 2019. May the joys of new year last forever in your life. May you find the light that guide you towards your desired destination. Happy new year!